Treat yourself to the BUMP mat!

The yoga mat created for students who demand comfort and grip in their yoga practice.

The BUMP mat was designed by leading yoga teacher Tara Lee after a long quest to find the perfect mat for mums-to-be. Looking for a product that blended gripping power with extra cushioning, she rewrote the rules of mat design and came up with the BUMP Mat.

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Hello, I'm the Bump Mat! I'm perfect for portfo

An Introduction to the Bump Mat - with Tara Lee

BUMPer Cushion

8mm, deep and soft cushioning. We've made the BUMP mat as thick as possible to give ultimate support.

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Exceptional Grip

The high-grade TPE used to make the BUMP mat is the grippiest we've felt. We know you'll agree!

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Find Your Centre

Centreline running down the mat helps your find your alignment, allowing you to quickly check your foot alignment.


Injuries or Tender Joints

Thickness and Cushion

The Bump Yoga Mat is double the thickness of a standard mat. Additional grip prevents slip, keeping you safe and secure in deeper postures.

Prenatal or Postnatal Yoga

Soft & Secure

The Bump Mat is perfect for pregnant and post-natal women. The extra thickness combined with the softness of the cushion gives the additional support you need.

Yogis seeking Extra Comfort

A Luxurious Practice

If your practice has more restorative or Yin focus the Bump Mat is for you. Avoid distraction in long-held poses by enjoying complete comfort!

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Are you a Yoga Teacher?

If you think your students would benefit from the Bump Mat, you can sign up to our Teacher List. As a teacher, you will receive a discounted Bump Mat and a discount code for all of your students!

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